Jan. 27th, 2008

ninjasin: ([FFXIII] Lightning)
Yesterday was the moving of Kat and Aki! We headed on down to Colorado Springs to give them a hand getting their stuff from one building to the next. Thankfully, it was only one building over and we had a whole bunch of people helping. This was good as it only took us about 4 hours to move it all. Yay! Afterwards, we went to Red Robin where Kat and Aki treated us all to dinner in thanks. It was great seeing them (and Kat's parents whom are made of awesome) and what a workout we got. I'm all sore, but it's a good sore, so no complaints here. I also slept really well, wich is a plus.

Today was Garou - yay! It was a real fun game as we got some plot stuffs revealed (at the cost of Mike's Shadow Lord, unfortunately) and worked on the next bit of the uberdragon quest. The role play was amazing this game. I apparently scared the crap out of everyone when my Fenrir went off yelling and demanding that the stupid Glass Walker (Rich's character) not go off and run to get killed by the wyrm instead of taking the punishment for his mistakes like an honorable Garou. I got the rp xp award this session for the scene.^^

Though I still think the most awesome part of the game was when Rachael and my characters went on the umbral quest to the Aetherial Realm to go defend Nergal's place from things he can't see so we could get the other half of the damn spear for the uberdragon ritual. Out characters did this totally naked, without our fetishes, and stayed in homid the whole time fighting several spirits, one that Broke had a grapple on and kept headbutting while Macha poked it in the eye and even gave it a purple-nurple at one point. We totally impressed Nergal and got our half of the spear. And then we went flying which was really cool.

And now we're waiting for pizza to show up and me to calm down so I don't take out my irritation at the pizza website and the guy I ended up calling at the pizza place when the website was being stupid out upon the delivery guy that has nothing to do with it all. I think I'm just really hungry as I have a horrible headache.

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