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Player Information

Name: Sin
Personal Journal: ninjasin
Age: 33
Contact Info:
Other Characters Played: n/a

Character Information

Character Name: Saber (Alter)
Character Series: Fate/Stay Night
Character Age: Late twenties but appears to be in her late teens
Character Gender: female

Original Canon
Canon Point: Heavens Feel route, Sparks Liner High “bad” ending
Background Link:

Saber herself:

Heavens Feel route:


As the “Once and Future King” of Britain, Saber's true identity is Arturia Pendragon, also known as King Arthur. She was born to be the heir to a dying kingdom, but her gender as a woman was unacceptable. Thus she was raised and treated like a man because if she was a good king, then no one would question her gender. She was trained as a knight and strove to be a righteous king, knowing that a good king was someone who kills others to protect others. When Arturia became king, she was known for protecting Britain through ten years of war, protecting the island nation from barbarian hordes and leading the battles from the front lines.

Arturia was a strong-willed, resolute knight. She threw away her femininity as she had to conceal her gender as king, always wearing her armor and her feminine face was attributed to the magic of Caliburn, the legendary Sword in the Stone, that she drew to claim her right as king. It stopped her physical growth at the moment, locking her body in a state of stasis/immortality. As king, Arturia embraced the ideal that a king was no longer human and could not be viewed as human. They were to be above the control of human emotions, so she suppressed her own emotions to the point that even some of her loyal knights came to believe that she didn't understand human emotions. Arturia always made excellent battle decisions, issued fair and just punishment and never stayed her hand when it was necessary for someone to die. As a child preparing herself to become king, she struggled with the concept of having to cause so many deaths, plaguing her nights with nightmares and cold sweats, but she cast that fear aside when she took Caliburn in hand after Merlin warned her she would no longer be human upon drawing it.

Because Arturia kept herself isolated and separate from the people she ruled over, spending more time protecting Britain from without, she failed to see the unrest her detachment caused internally. Upon returning from her twelfth successful battle over ten years, the country she loved and gave everything for was being torn apart in civil unrest. Still, despite betrayal and being hated, Arturia remained resolute and continued to rule just as she had, unwilling to let her emotions about the betrayals affect her rule. She faced her son, Modred, in the Battle of Camlann and was mortally wounded. Upon being taken to safety by her last loyal knight, Arturia reflected on her life and pledged her soul to the world in exchange for the chance to obtain the Holy Grail so she could save her country - a loyal knight to the end.

As the servant Saber, Arturia's personality didn't change much. She was still strong-willed and determined, willing to do anything to obtain the Holy Grail. Her wish was to redo the selection of the sword so that she would not become king, that someone better than her would be chosen as the rightful king of Britain. Essentially, her wish was to erase her own existence and her legend should she obtain the Holy Grail. She clung to the ideal of what a king should be, not what a king really was, and had a rather naïve take on kingship and ruling a nation. Even after this was pointed out to her in the 4th Grail War by both Archer and Rider – great kings themselves – her determination to hold to her flawed ideals did not waver, capturing the somewhat creepy love/obsession of Archer, the greatest heroic spirit known as Gilgamesh.

Arturia's cycle of betrayal continued in both of the Holy Grail Wars she was summoned into. In the 4th Holy Grail War, her master used her chivalrous ideals against her, manipulating her to use the knightly kinship between her and Lancer to bring about his death, even manipulating him to undo the curse he'd placed on Saber's hand that prevented her from using her greatest attack. Saber's emotional control broke at the end of that war as she found herself before the Holy Grail, the prize she pledged her life for, and she was ordered by multiple command spells – something she could not overcome no matter what she did – to destroy the Grail and, in essence, her own dream as her master discovered that the Holy Grail had become evil. Breaking composure, she yelled and screamed as her body was magically forced to use Excalibur on the Grail, betrayed by her own master, until she was sent back to the moment before her death only to be summoned again.

In the 5th Holy Grail War, Saber was summoned by the son of the master she had in the 4th Holy Grail War. She did not reveal this information for a while to Shirou, once again acting as a proper knight and sword for her master. Unfortunately, her new master was a boy that couldn't separate her from her gender. He saw her as a woman before a knight and his emphasis that he was to protect her because she was a girl made her very uncomfortable and, in many times, angry. She wasn't used to being seen and treated as a girl, making it hard for her to adapt to his insistence of treating her like one. She tried to maintain her coolness with him, but his recklessness and lack of self preservation tried her patience and some of her anger at his actions combined with the emphasis he put on her gender eventually brought about more emotion from her as she expressed how upset she was with him.

Still, she was a knight, loyal to a fault, so she fought for him, did everything she could to obtain the Holy Grail for herself and her master, hoping he would not be like his father and betray her. When the Shadow appeared and started to cause trouble, Shirou – wanting to save everyone in an ideal similar to Saber's own ideal – investigated it with Saber. During a battle with Assassin, Saber was defeated and swallowed by the Shadow. Unfortunately, this did not destroy her and send her back into the cycle; it changed her. The Shadow was the essence of Angra Manyu – the embodiment of all the evils of the world – and it coated Saber, tainting her. She became the blackened Servant of Sakura Matou, the girl that was made to be a container for Angra Manyu and the tainted Holy Grail.

As the blackened Servant, the altered Saber, she was still a knight, but she no longer clung to her kingship, casting it away. She understood better than ever how wrong her ideals were, yet she still couldn't stop but continue to uphold them. The difference was, instead of ignoring the hatred that being distant and emotionless caused in her people, she embraced it. It made her angry to the point that the main emotion she suppressed was no longer betrayal but rage. If the only way to obtain her goal was to be hated – so be it, she decided. She would use that hatred to her advantage and accomplish what she set out to do instead of trying to rely on a dead ideal that she still believed in and held herself to. Not truly evil as her former self had been too good, too righteous, to completely corrupt, the light of what Saber once was, that of the Once and Future King, was still there deep inside, but it was suppressed even more than her rage is.

She is still a hero, as a hero fights with everything they have to achieve their goal. She still, even tainted, wishes the Holy Grail to undo her kingship, only this time because she doesn't want to be king and believe in these flawed ideals, the shattered reality that was once called chivalry.


Saber is one of the Seven classes of Servant summoned by the Holy Grail to partake in the Holy Grail War. They are, in essence, the highest form of familiars. Upon death, a soul of legend pledges itself to the Throne of Heroes to be used in the Grail War with the promise of being able to have one single wish granted should the Servant be the last one remaining when the Grail is given form. Servants are summoned by magi chosen by the Holy Grail using a catalyst attuned the the true identity of the Servant. This isn't always true, but in Saber's case, the catalyst that summoned her in both wars was Avalon, the magical scabbard of her holy sword, Excalibur. Most Servants find themselves summoned by a magus of similar nature to them and Saber is no exception, being summoned by two men with very unrealistic idealistic views.

A Servant acts as a warrior/tool/weapon for the magus that summoned them, bound by a magical contract called the Command Spell that links the magus and Servant together so the Servant's abilities and even existence is dependent upon the prana, the magical energy, supplied by the magus. The Servant is to obey any order given to them by their master, but each master is given three command seals that can be sacrificed to force the Servant to perform an action against their will, one for each seal used. Strong-willed Servants can resist one command seal if the order goes completely against their nature/ethics, but two used for the same task is impossible. When a master uses all three command seals, the contract between the master and Servant is broken.

Each Servant has a rating in five main stats (Strength, Agility, Endurance, Mana and Luck), at least one noble phantasm (extra-special attacks/items/abilities), class skills and personal skills. Servants are also able to exist in either a spirit form or materialized into a physical form. The spirit form reduces the burden of prana being drawn from the master, thought because Arturia exists as a heroic spirit separate from the Throne of Heroes due to how she formed her pact with the world, she is incapable of assuming a spirit form, always locked into her physical form.

Because Saber is a special heroic spirit containing an enormous amount of magical energy, she is considered the strongest of Servants. Born with the prana of a red dragon, as a Pendragon, she has a heart and magic circuits (called a magic core) that easily surpassed anything a human is capable of, and this was before she became a heroic spirit. This does make her slightly more vulnerable to anything specifically designed to harm dragons, but at most it would reduce her endurance by one rank.

Servant stats are ranked from E to EX with E being the weakest (yet still stronger than any human can achieve) and EX being neigh unmeasurable. At the point in which Saber is being taken, her stats are as follow:

Strength: A
Agility: D
Mana: A++
Luck: C
Endurance: A
Noble Phantasm: A++

As one of the Saber class, she has two class skills:

Magic Resistance: B

This skill nullifies any magic spell with a chant less than three verses. This translates to even high thaumaturgy and greater rituals being unable to affect Saber. This skill used to be at rank A, but her corruption from Angra Manyu reduced her rank to B.

Riding: n/a - This skill was lost to Saber upon her corruption.

Saber has three personal skills:

Charisma: E

This is the natural talent to command an army and increase their abilities. Considered a rare skill, Saber once had this ability at Rank B, but upon her corruption is dropped to the lowest possible rank. She can still increase the abilities of those she commands, but their morale lowers significantly as she's a fearsome presence and not an inspiring one.

Instinct: B

This is the ability to feel the natural course of battle and adapt to make the most of the situations. Once at Rank A, Saber almost possessed a sixth sense to predict the actions her enemies would take to be able to counter them before they were made. Upon her corruption, the rank was reduced to B as the rage Saber suppresses dulled her senses some. This skill makes it impossible to perform sneak attacks on her unless using a concealment technique of a rank higher than her instinct.

Prana Burst: A

This is Saber's greatest skill and the one that makes her so strong (excluding Noble Phantasms). It is using her raw magical energy and infusing her weapon and other items with it. Her armor is made purely from this skill, making her able to summon, repair or dismiss it whenever she wants. She can also infuse her body with it allowing her to run on water, up the sides of buildings and make great leaps or increase her speed in bursts as she wishes. At the level Saber possesses, it surrounds her body constantly meaning only weapons of legendary status/power can penetrate it or not be destroyed upon clashing with her sword.

Saber possesses two Noble Phantasms:

Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King
Rank C anti-unit (target 1 object)

This is a special wind barrier typically used to conceal the sword Excalibur from her enemies as her main Noble Phantasm is so recognizable that it would give away her true identity to any enemy. It renders the sword invisible, even when sparks from another weapon clashing against it are formed, making it hard for an opponent to handle in normal combat as its length and make are unseen. The wind whirls about the blade, creating a vortex that increases its cutting ability and speed. She can use the Invisible Air to create a temporary barrier or conceal something in an unbreakable protection. It can be expended to act like a ranged attack where the wind strikes out like a hammer to sweep out everything before her. (reference link: )

Excalibur: The Sword of Promised Victory
Rank A++ anti-fortress (target 1000 people)

The holy sword given to Arturia by the Lady of the Lake, that is the most well-known of legendary swords and the symbol of King Arthur. Upon Arturia's death, the sword was returned to the lake from which is came from.

It is a weapon that takes the prana of the wielder and converts it into kinetic light energy that allows for the use of divine level thaumatugy to execute an 'ultimate killing technique'. It releases all of Saber's prana in a single strike from the tip of the blade as she swings the golden sword, obliterating everything in its path, including raising entire military cohorts. As it takes all her prana to use it, this attack cannot be done repeatedly over and over without resting.

As both Vivian and Morgana, the faeries of the Lake, can coexist, the holy sword has a dual existence of both good and evil, allowed Saber to use it even while corrupted by Angra Manyu. While used as the 'Black Sword of Ultimate Light', it reflects Saber Alter's inner feelings and corrupted nature. When she uses Excalibur while tainted, the light isn't golden but a black deeper than night. She can fire it just like normal Excalibur, or she can keep it contained to the blade itself , extending its size and swinging it in successive arcs in a technique called Vortigern: Hammer of the Vile King. This is her preferred method of using this noble phantasm while tainted. Due to her A++ Mana stat while corrupted, she can use this technique several times in a row if she wished. (reference link: )

Sample Entry:

Is this what Sakura wanted?

Saber asked this of herself as she watched Shirou rip the Shroud off his arm and project the giant's sword from a location far enough away that neither he nor the Einzbern girl would detect her. She hadn't understood at first her master's reason for keeping Berserker after she'd defeated him, but if she was to be Sakura's cold anger, perhaps he was an outlet for her uncontrolled rage that allowed her to maintain her mind. But her mind was quickly eroding, and the Servant knew it.

Sakura had given Shirou and Rin the chance to leave, to escape harm, so this mess could be ended, but of course the boy would not listen. Even if Rin had agreed, Saber knew there would've been no way for Rin to successfully force Shirou to leave Sakura. They boy was dedicated in his belief that he would save Sakura. She had to commend him for that. As foolish and impossible as it was to 'save' Sakura Matou the way Shirou believed he could, he still persevered. He still fought and still refused to give up.

She could step in. She could step in, kill the boy and return to her master. It was almost a given that the Holy Grail would not be hers once again, but there was still a chance. All she had to do was sever that arm with one strike and cleave his head from his body with another. It would all be done before he could blink, but to attack him while engaged in such a battle with Berserker... It was wrong of her to do so. She had no orders to involve herself yet as Sakura believed the mad giant would carry the task out, so she bowed out of the fight as if that rabid beast of a Servant was a fellow knight. In a way, he was. They served the same lord. They obeyed her and protected her. No, this was Berserker's fight.

One he lost.

Saber stepped forward to confront Shirou, silently impressed that he had managed to control Archer's arm, defeat a formidable opponent such as Berserker, and maintain his mind. Her pale yellow eyes didn't convey that emotion as she looked down at the boy. He was lucky Sakura was calling for her. She wouldn't waste her time on him while he was so weakened. He'd shown her something she hadn't believed him capable of. Her blood boiled for a chance to see more, but she would wait for the chance. Her master's call was something she couldn't ignore. But there would be a time for her to see everything Shirou Emiya had. Would he hold to his foolish ideals like she had? She hoped he would, and she would make him hate her for being in his way.

It was already decided. It had been the moment she'd seen the reality of her situation and of herself. And maybe, just maybe, there was a small part of her that still wanted her former master to succeed. Such a sad, pathetic little girl playing at king...

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