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Merry Christmas!
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I swear, my breasts have an uncanny gravitational pull upon guys named Jose. At work, of all things!

Today, I decided to wear what I like to refer to as my 'boob sweater' to work. It's a low cut sweater with a zipper that runs up the front and, when I lean forward at all, tends to give people taller than me a decent view of my cleavage. This rarely bothers me - I find it more amusing than anything as I'm rather fond of my breasts. And yet, every single time I wear this sweater, guys named Jose cannot help themselves but STARE down the front of my shirt.

Come on guys, have a little more skill than that. Today at work, I had TWO guys named Jose working, my carver and my utility. My glorious cleavage was magnificently worshiped by these men, just as it has been at a different store I worked at that also had a guy named Jose that loved to gawk at my cleavage. There were other guys working, but at least they had the tact to attempt discreet boob watching.

Guys named Jose... I need to start keeping tabs of how many stare at my cleavage. And it's not fair; I have a thing for short Mexican women, not short Mexican men.
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My knee hurts. A lot.

That is all.
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A person should not have to be up this early on a Sunday. Fucking $4400 in catering. I am in way too much pain to do that much catering today.
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It's nine degrees outside.

But that's not why the day is fired. I'm too growly to explain why. It just is.
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My flight to Chicago was on time and it seems that my flight to Denver will be as well. This is quite the relief compared to on the way out.

... I already miss my grrl though.
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And I'm off!
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This is the friendly reminder that there be groo this Sunday. The devious [ profile] jaysummers, aka David, is the god of this world and everyone should come play.

Game starts at 2:45pm at Casa de [ profile] katsudon! Come in costume, bring stuff, get xp!

Sadly, I will not be at this game, so the angry Fenrir will be watching the caern while everyone else gets quest funtime.

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I am no longer a homeless manager! I get to go to the 80th & Wadsworth store and be with Kelly again. Granted, I am still at the Pit until the week of January 7th and I hav eto give up my New Year's trip to make it all happen, but I am happy.

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It made me laugh - a lot.
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Hobbylink Japan, you taunt me so! RESTOCK DAMNIT! I want my Fate!
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Crazy Bus Lady came back today. I hid in the back and made Jeremy deal with her.^^
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Ah sleep, how I wish you would do your job.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] knightless!

Alter Fate

Nov. 27th, 2007 11:07 am
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I want! I want! I want! But it's discontinued and therefore extremely hard to find. Unfortunately, the two figure one eBay here and here both have over $20 of shipping costs since they are being shipped from Japan. This pops the price of them up to close to $100.

It's so not fair.

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Enchanted is a wonderful movie.

[ profile] chani_sama, I so need to talk to you about the movie. I had something very amusing form in my mind as I watched it.


Nov. 21st, 2007 08:16 am
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I wanted it. I got it. Now I have to decide if I want to turn the heat on because it's really cold in the apartment. I'll make this decision later when I come home from from, most likely, if Rich hasn't made it himself.
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happy birthday, [ profile] auzrais!
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Lets101 - Free Online Dating

I spent 5 years of my life with a Libra. So not 100%.
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Hell Week starts tomorrow. I will have little time for much of anything other than work, sleep and the occasional rp post in Landel's. I am going to be cranky, jaded and overall unpleasant. This doesn't mean avoid me, per se, just be aware that this is the one week during the entire year that I tend to really hate people.

I am still at The Pit. I am still a homeless manager. I am still very, very stressed and it's only going to get worse the closer to Thursday it gets. Bear with me, people.
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