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One of my hourly managers from my closed store has a band with a couple of his friends called Main Line that was playing at Cervantes last night. Being I had yesterday off, I bought a ticket and went to support him and his band. I got there at 6pm, not realizing Main line wouldn't be on until 10pm, so I got myself a Captain and Coke (a nicely mixed double for $5 - no complaints) and found me a comfy chair to sit in as the first act got going.

I swear, i was the oldest person in that building for most of the night. I was surrounded by teenagers and 21-year olds. Nick eventually showed up with his band and his girlfriend (one of my employees) as well as a couple other people I kind of knew from the Boston Market family. Kelly was supposed to come which would have made me feel better given she's 32, but her and her husband left for Utah early because of the incoming snow storm. I enjoyed my drink and some of the bands and watched people, since my chair was so damn comfy I didn't want to give it up. I was also the nicest dressed person (as I tend to do when i go out downtown) enough that it made me wonder if people thought I might have been with a record company scouting or something since I spent most of the time alone, sitting in the comfy chair, and just watching with the occasional text message. No one came up to randomly talk to me or hit on me at all. I was mildly disappointed.

I want to know when in the history of music that people decided screaming into the microphone was remotely good music in any way, shape or form. Seriously, this one band would have been decent if they'd had actual lyrics and sang, nit just screamed in the microphone. Hell, if you are going to be doing that much heavy metal and screaming, you better be dressed in fucked up outfits like Gwar. At least then you have something to entertain people with. There were a couple really, really bad groups and I felt really bad for this one guitarist. He was really good and really loved the music (you could see it clear as day) but the rest of his band was pathetic. poor boy needs to cut his friends and go with someone else because he's got amazing potential.

It was when they played a power ballad that I really felt old. The teenagers that were watching/dancing pulled out their cellphones, lit up the screens and waved them in the air. What happened to waving lighters during these kind of ballads? Am I finally old enough that these young whippersnappers have lost contact with real rock? LIT UP CELLPHONES, PEOPLE!

Main Line took the stage and holy hell were they awesome. They completely rocked the place, so much better than anyone that had played so far. They did a lot of Rage Against the Machine covers as well as a few others and at least one original piece. It was amazing being there. The energy in the place, the strength of the music and Fernando singing and the clarity of the guitar. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I want to hear them again, hell I want them to put a cd together so I could buy a couple and give them to some friends.

There was this one drunk guy standing by me during Main Line's performance that was being a real ass. He was obviously there to see the guys that came on after Main Line and was giving shit to Main Line. He'd heckle them between songs and comment about needing more alcohol in the bar to enjoy them, etc, etc, etc. Fernando even pointed to him after that comment and said "No more for that guy," before continuing on with the set. The guy was such an ass that I almost said something to him about shutting up and just enjoying the music, but I chose on the side of better judgment to just leave the drunk guy alone, even though I could have taken him easily (weaselly little guy).

I didn't stay for the other two sets after Main line as it was 11pm already and I was tired. But seriously, people of Denver, if you have the chance to see Main Line, please do so. Give these boys the support they deserve and need. I would love to see them get a record deal or something because they are just that good. I didn't feel like I was seeing a bunch of young guys starting out, but an emerging band chomping at the bit for something wonderful.
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