Jun. 30th, 2005 03:20 am
ninjasin: (Dark Side)
Today was rough at work. I got very frustrated and had to go chill in the walk-in for a few minutes. There's no reason the drive-thru at BK should have been that busy on a Wednesday night. Suck-ass closing too. I made the dining room closer cry twice. I didn't mean too and I certainly wasn't mean or anything. I just helped her get her close done by doing her kids meal bags and the tables. She's supposed to be done at 11:15pm tops. It was nearing midnight when I decided I didn't want to be there until who knows when. Gods, the high school girl is sensitive. I told her several times that I wasn't upset with her and there wasn't any reason for her to apologize to me. I tried to explain that crazy team-work notion.

*rolls eyes*

Another reason work was rough was the constant need to fight with my pants. I kept having to pull them up. I guess this is an indication that I'm losing weight (yay!) but the hiking of my pants up throughout the shift was really annoying. I hate to wear a baelt, but I just might have to start wearing one.

In Final Heaven news (I know how much you all want to hear about the Final Fantasy RPG community I'm in) today, whiney slave-boy got booted. He pissed the wrong people off enough and got the big smackdown. Made me think of that old Simpsons episode where Bart was punished by a big kick in the ass by some Australian in a HUGE cowboy boot. Now as civil as I try to be with this guy, he did a very bad thing. He fucked with my friends. Sure, they're more than capable of taking care of themselves, and did so rather well (nicely done, ladies *grin*), but when someone steps wrongly in that light to me, the nasty side of me comes out. So few of you out there have ever glimpsed this side. It's mean, it's nasty, it growls and it doesn't give a flying fuck what your feelings are. In some ways, I guess one of my greatest weaknesses is how loyal I am. I'm like a fucking pitbull with my jaws locked on something when the nasty side comes out and I know who caused it. It'll be the end of me one of these days.

I am far too wide awake and I work at 11am.

On lighter news: Join the Dark Side. We have cookies.


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