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I've gone and done it. I've officially gone to the next level of insane. I have volunteered to work my two days off next week. The Westover store (about 20 min away) had to fire one of their manangers and thus is in quite a bind. So Bill called Pam and begged her for help. We don't exactly have to manangers to spare, but there is me and Grant. So Pam offered us, if we were willing to work, for mid shifts on our days off.

What happens is that we work 11am-7pm with a mananger giving us a hand through lunch and then leaving at roughly 2pm leaving us in charge of the store alone until the closing mananger comes in. Thankfully, Westover is a slower store than Fairmont, so it shouldn't be too tough. Mid shifts I can do, no problem. I decided to give my days off up for the 15 hours of overtime I'll get (as I sooooo need the money) and thankfully BK is going to pay my gas to get to Westover and back as I have maybe enough gas to get there and back once, but definitely not twice.

Needlesstosay, I'm going to be one sore, tired and cranky person come the end of the week (hopefully Robin will give me that next Sunday off), but I'll be about a hundred bucks richer and I'll have an idea how well I'll be able to handle running a store on my own. I thankfully have tomorrow off and I was originally going to dedicate it to working on my big red procedure book for work, but I might just push that off and make the day solely for me given the upcoming week. Too bad Ronda is in Greensburg, cause I would love to go to Cooper's Rocks tomorrow.

EDIT: Hrm... It seems the Warner Theater in downtown Morgantown is showing Howl's Moving Castle tomorrow at 5pm. That's still a matinee showing. The question is, do I want to go see the movie alone or find something else to do that might not cost me money? I don't like going to see movies by myself, but I've heard HMC is pretty damn good. I must ponder this.

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